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We understand that every businesses have specific needs and requirements. Thus, we partnered with selected ISV to deliver a timely end-to-end IT solutions for both SME and Enterprise.

AI – Computer Vision



Dayta grows businesses with AI as an affordable third-party plug-in product so they can use it without experts and maintenance. Established in 2018, Dayta aim to cater the starvation of AI solutions, by providing tailor-made AI implementation services and standardized AI algorithms as products. Their vision is to create value-adding intelligence for businesses with lowered entry barriers, empowering them with the power of machine learning at ease.



  • Computer vision and Chinese natural language processing (NLP)
  • In-house built algorithms to perform human, object, emotion, facial and movement recognition for our camera solutions
  • Extensive Chinese understanding across Asia, which it can serve multiple business fields, such as News Media, Social Media and Finance etc.

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