What If You Could Store All Of That Data In The Cloud Affordably?


Tech Data Cloud Storage removes the complicated decision of where, how and whether to save your data. Our single tier super fast storage relaces the complexity with a simple, affordable, fast and secure storage without compromising speed, performance or security and all at a fixed single forecastable price.


Tech Data Cloud Storage is enterprise class, low cost, high performance cloud object storage with no fees for downloading, egress or API requests and no complex storage tiers. Your business may be unpredictable, but your data costs shouldn’t be.

What’s Included…

Lightning Fast Object Storage

Access objects up to 10x faster than other cloud service providers, with turbo speed boosts for small files

Deep Cloud Integrations

Connect your Space storage to compute on Microsoft Azure

Globally Distributed

Select 1, 2 or 3 geo dispersed replicas of your buckets with data synchronisation included for free

Data Encryption

We protect your data with
AES-256 Encryption as standard

Free Access to Your Data

No fees for ingress, egress, data access or data movement. It’s your data, why should we charge you to access it?

Long-term Data Protection

Up to 11 nines of data durability so you can trust – we got this!

What You Don’t Get…

Fees for Data Access

No fees for Gets, Puts or other API
charges to access your data, hydrate
your data or change tiers

Fees for Data Movement

No fees for ingress, egress,
intra-region transfers or use of our
network to move your data

A Math PhD

No regional charges, our storage is
the same price in all regions

What can I do with it?

Migrate to Cloud

Migrate your local storage to the cloud with unlimited scalability.

Multi Cloud Strategy

Shared data storage for Multiple Cloud providers.

Hybrid Storage

Bridge on prem and cloud storage together.

Tape to Cloud

Add Scalable Storage on demand to your LTO Tape Library.

Data Lake in the Cloud

Store all your raw data and logo files in the cloud.

Elastic Storage

Add Scalable Storage on demand to
your existing storage or laptops.


Tech Data Cloud Storage offers native integration with Microsoft Azure while
providing data independence for backup and archive data.

Why has cloud storage pricing been so challenging?

Cloud storage pricing can be complex and makes it impossible to budget for customers.
1) Storage tier pricing: depending on your data tiers
2) Regional and download charges: depending on where you store your data and transfer sizes
3) Network usage charges: depending on your connection and API request


Cloud storage charges are so complex that we had to make a calculator!
Find out more about Tech Data’s all inclusive cost here.


We approach each project individually and do our best to configure the services in accordance with your client’s environment.

Want to find out more or need different scope of services? Ask our experts today.