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We understand that every businesses have specific needs and requirements. Thus, we partnered with selected ISV to deliver a timely end-to-end IT solutions for both SME and Enterprise.

Hybrid Reality Platform


CHAIN Technology Development Co. Ltd


CHAIN Technology Development Co. Ltd develops the one-stop Digital Twin solutions. Their flagship product – Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP), manages the real-time IoT data in the precise BIM and photo-realistic 3D models. Being an integrated cloud platform, HRP is the Single Source of Truth for cost & time effective project collaboration.

CHAIN’s solutions are tailored for Construction Management, Property & Facility Managment, Training & Education, Smart Security, Gaming & 3D Scene Creation as well as Smart City Development.



  • Hybrid Reality Platform (HRP) 
  • Intuitive Insight: Dynamic IoT information on location-based 3D models and BIM
  • Instant Availability: System control anywhere and anytime
  • High Compatibility: One system for all common 3D modeling formats in the market
  • Predictive Analysis: Enhanced spatial and operational efficiency and reduced safety risk by Big Data Management and A.I.
  • Immersive Experience: User experience enhancement design and integration such as 4D Immersive CAVE and VR/AR solutions

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