Data Protection

Provides protection, availability and insight everywhere your information travels.

Optimize Storage Spending


Now you can easily move archived and infrequently accessed data offsite automatically to cloud storage and keep critical data on site close to your production applications, for immediate recovery, bypassing one-time build-outs storage spending with Veritas and Microsoft Azure. 

Well Focus on Your Applications & Service Level Objective


Veritas running in cloud-based disaster recovery is becoming a very attractive option with ability to spend according to your usage, always agile to new technology, high security and availability SLA commitment to allow you to focus on your applications and service level objective more efficient and effectively.

Accelerating Better Data Management for Microsoft Cloud


Veritas data management solutions for Microsoft Cloud, help organizations reduce costs and increase productivity while accelerating their journey to the cloud.  With proven real-world deployments and enterprise-class technologies, you will benefit from the joint engagement model, and simplified flexible purchasing options.

Popular Veritas Services

Backup & Recovery with Cloud Storage


Veritas delivers you the advantage of moving infrequently accessed data automatically to cloud storage for long-term retention while keeping local copies on-site for fast recovery via intelligent deduplication check, built-in compression and many more purpose-build, performance-optimized functions for your critical backup and restore with aim of fast and secure recovery according to the speed of your business need.

Keep Your Business Running 


Veritas data protection solution extends seamlessly to Azure allowing you to manage backups across all Azure-based workloads and local servers with complete visibility and control over your data regardless of the location. You can turn the same infrastructure in Azure cloud into a disaster recovery destination for your local servers without the need for an expensive dedicated disaster recovery buildout too.

Veritas Data Management


With data management solutions from Veritas, you get to ensure cloud-based data and workload is protected with simple backup and archive for Microsoft Office 365, easy backup and restore of Microsoft Azure cloud apps, scalable protection for Microsoft Hyper-V and a modern long-term retention strategy powered by Microsoft Azure.


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