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Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and cloud adoption is fast becoming a business imperative in order to stay one step ahead and stay competitive. Unlock 3 categories now- Recruit, Inspire and Optimize to achieve more!

4 Pillars
of SureStep+

Designed to uplift you quickly in building successful cloud services business


Level up quickly with 6-Months Mentoring Challenge by an experienced guru. Gain access to our mentoring support channel to help overcome challenges .

Managed Services Enablement

Exclusive one-to-one with our Expert to help you design and tailor-made cloud services scope incorporating your company value and elements.


Accelerate your business growth by guiding you to identify the right target audience and marketing channel. Leverage on our market experience to make full use of Event Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

Monetary Reward

Earn extra rebates from Innovix while enjoy selling cloud services and building recurring income.

SureStep+ Program

Plan to build a steady recurring revenue business income but not sure where to start? Jump start to cloud business journey with Innvoix now! We will walk you through Recruit, Inspire & Optimize.

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